Attention Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Commission


Dear Mr. President,

Decisive majority of the European citizens watches with despair the impotence of the responsible organisations of the Union as regards the migrant affair. People believe that the measures necessary for the solution of the exodus are definitely obvious.

  • Erection of the technical barriers at the Greek borders with the cooperation of the member states of the Union.
  • Through responsible actions of the great powers sustainable life circumstance should be created at the starting points of the exodus thereby ensuring a possibility for the economic migrants to return.
  • On the expenses of the designated funds allocated by the EU, the maintenance of the refugee camps in Turkey should temporarily and appropriately financed.
  • The quote system for the obligatory acceptance of refugees, which was approved by the interior ministers of the Union should be deemed as null and void.

It could result in the violation of fundamental human rights if 160,000 persons as specified in the quote would be selected with non-transparent, unknown method in some subjective manner and the eventual rightful interests of the rest of the refugees would be neglected. School qualifications or useful professional skills may not be decisive. Double standards poison the criteria scheme of constitutionality.

In our petition written last week to president Martin Schulz we have already pointed out the problematic nature of the obligatory quota scheme which violates international law and the legal rules of the Union. (

We have elected our Union leaders in order that they would guarantee the security of the European people and a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. One week ago by way of our letter addressed to the prime ministers of 28 countries of the Union, we asked the leaders to ask the opinion of their citizens regarding the migrant affair, through referendum or other form of national consultation ( Aggregated opinions might show the way to measures that the leaders of the countries should follow.

Dear Mr. President,

Your are burdened with severe responsibility, sooner or later account should be given regarding the efficiency of decisions to be passed on Sunday.

CÖF-CÖKA, a significant organisation of civil people in Hungary is prepared for organising an international march for peace by car to Brussels following the eventually unexpected ineffectiveness of the meeting.

For the time being, however, we have confidence in the acumen of the prime ministers of our common Europe and finally we wish successful work.

Leadership of CÖF-CÖKA


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