Press Release of the Forum of Civil Cooperation Conference (CET)

Our initiative today proves our commitment to cooperation and to Europe.
Our fellow countrymen, living in the Carpathian basin in their own homelands had to live with bitter hearts being torn apart from their own nation over the last nearly one hundred years. The great gift of the Union is that the borders can be freely crossed now, which has enabled personal contacts of the fellow members of our nation to be an everyday routine.
Our common home, Europe, also requires an unprecedented cooperation of the civil citizens. It is time for cooperation also on the European level!

The current social and economic pillars of the world, including Europe, are cracking.
The European Union needs renewal. A range of structural changes is necessary for the sake of survival.

The gravest problem is that speculative capital has gradually subdued the democratically elected power systems and governments over the recent years. Opposing that, the prestige of the people – of voting citizens – legitimizing authority must be reinstated with renewed power, and the prevalence of representative democracy must be ensured.

Civil control must be put into operation, and the governments serving their nation and the common good must create a solid power structure together with society.

We are sure that the citizens of Europe think along similar lines, and they support work-based society.

Hungarians are aware of their small numbers and their weight within Europe. But that does not exclude setting an example in the cooperation of the government and the people for a better future of Europe, and contributing, like leaven in the bread, to the renewal of Europe.

Let’s rely on the treasures of the old continent; let’s take out and dust off our traditional values. The cementing force of the family, the nation, loyalty, faith and love should get back to its worthy place.
This is how good life, security, order, justice and freedom can become the fruits of our labour.

These are the objectives we aim to achieve by launching the Patriotic Europe Movement. We call upon the citizens of Hungary and Europe faithful to their nation to join us. We ask them to express their sympathy, besides their active work in order to achieve the common goal, also by pinning the symbol of our movement, a colourful yet unified bunch of flowers on their clothes.

Let’s free Europe, our common homeland, from the accusations of nationalism wrongfully denouncing the national communities.


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