The Wrangling of the Opposition

There is a possibility that the highest form of democracy, the referendum, will work out in Hungary. The public has shown that they are capable of taking their fate into their own hands, or indeed continuously caring for their future if necessary. Meanwhile, the political parties have, deliberately or by accident, revealed their hands.

Active citizens and the voters who opt to sit back and “let others do the thinking” make it difficult to travel down a road that leads to greater cohesion in society.

As the possessors of power, the rule of the people carries with it a responsibility that is more valuable than anything else. It must be safeguarded and protected every day. This task is increasingly widespread in its scope since the majority of events transpiring in the world cannot leave us unaffected. We can feel these effects not only in issues regarding the fate of our nation, but also in how they influence the lives of our families.

The experience of a thousand years of history shows that people desire to overcome other people. In today’s fast-paced world, money is an efficient tool to this end. Financial giants have joined hands to take over the world. The fundamental role played by money is no longer limited to deriving earnings from capital investments or providing settlement for the production of goods and for commercial traffic: it has become a tool for ruling the world. These people think the citizens of the various nations have to be made into vulnerable global citizens by kneading them into one giant ball, weaning them off the need to think, stupefying them with a daily political circus, and hindering the ever more difficult process of making a living.

If someone who still has a house sticks his head out of that house and exercises his senses of sight and hearing, he cannot fail to notice that the history of the 21st Century is being made as we speak, and he is being left out of the script. It has become clear that these magnates treat citizens like they do industrial waste and merely intend to use them for slave labour. Back in the day, Columbus and his ship set off colonization; today, big business and the money manoeuvring carried out by banks are doing the same via the ether. Unknown continents no longer have to be conquered. The task today is to rule the entire world.

This can be referred to as the “global common bad”. If we provide no resistance, if the citizens of the nation don’t wake up, and we act like incapacitated idiots and succumb to having opportunist politicians and bureaucrats decide the questions of our fate, society will be ruled by yobbos.

Central and Eastern European countries consider the European Union to be their key to the future. However, national societies cannot be bought and sold as if they were goods.

The result of Hungary’s referendum is an open letter to Brussels and the people of Europe. The opinions of the voters is based on three pillars, and the order of importance of those is God, family, country. We Hungarians will not give an inch from our credo.

The criticism aimed at the results of the Hungarian referendum by politicians in Brussels, Luxembourg, or wherever are uttered by cowardly people. They limit the extent of true democracy in their own countries and are too scared to use a referendum to ask their own people for their opinion. The only way they would have the right to criticise Hungarians if the votes given by their respective pro-immigration parties would exceed 50 % of eligible voters and the percentage of yes votes would reach 98 %. They know such results are impossible to attain, and so they go against the will of the majority of their citizens. However, we Hungarians have a saying that cowards have no home: this also applies to any cowardly leaders.

We recommend that the chicken hearted pseudo-liberal opposition parties start analysing their 14-year disgraceful operations and start looking for who is responsible. They should close up shop and take inventory. We can be certain they will have missing stocks. After they reassess the facts, they should bravely call upon their leaders to resign: some have taken hope for the future with them, and some have taken the money. If they manage to find any party leaders who can show us 3 million yes votes for a constructive recommendation regarding the public good, then by all means victoriously declare him (or her) the party leader. But they should hurry: voters will again cast their ballots in 2018 and by then it will be too late.

To have them call for Viktor Orbán’s resignation is ludicrous. It is equal to disregarding the more than 3 million Hungarians who support him. The majority of citizens can only evaluate the opposition’s behaviour if it is logical and constructive. Neither of these traits are currently anywhere to be found. The majority of Hungarians feel that badmouthing the government and making promises to the people is counterproductive.

The only Hungarian adage gives a clear explanation for how voters who didn’t participate in the referendum feel. They are those voters who follow the will of the majority: “Silence implies consent.”

László Csizmadia



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