Petition for the dismissal of the European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker

Cecilia Wikström
Chair of the Petitions Committee
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz

Subject: Petition for the dismissal of the European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker

Honourable Madam Chair!

The undersigned Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation as a civilian organisation with independent legal personality registered in Hungary makes the following petition request to the Petition Committee of the European Parliament.

Jean-Claude Juncker has been leading the European Commission, the prominent governing body of the European Union since November 2014. The past more than one and a half years clearly indicate President Juncker’s incompetence: this sad period coincides with the crisis of the European Union that has never been seen before, the – mistreated – migrant crisis that aggravated the already existing political and economic difficulties and the United Kingdom leaving the community.

The failure has several causes. One is President Juncker’s non-convincing former political career (many scandals or disputable decisions characterise his time in office as the Prime Minister or Minister of Finance of his country), another is his weightless personality (this was reflected unfortunately in the campaign against Brexit), his disputable behaviour and his complete lack of diplomatic sense and self-criticism. And the gravest of all: he does not have answers to the new challenges, because he does not have a concept and clear vision of the future Europe. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reportedly dissatisfied with President Juncker’s achievements as well.

President Juncker embodies the European Commission and through it the European Union as well. In a democracy, if a leader can not show up results, they should be dismissed from their position; in the past two years the unity of the European Union has split and he watches the consequences idly and without solutions. The concept of the two-speed Europe has strengthened during his presidency, which was supported by his complete lack of empathy towards the Eastern and Central European member states. His presidency brought about the failure of the Schengen and Dublin systems and the emergence of the concept of the mini Schengen. During Juncker’s presidency the reform of the European Union has come to a standstill and the bureaucracy at Brussels has grown enormously and has separated from the real, everyday problems of the citizens of the Union. The European Commission led by President Juncker reacted to the burning questions of the European Union late and incorrectly many times, especially to the emergency situation caused by the migrant crisis. President Juncker has gone so far that for him the wides-scale settling of illiterate Syrian migrants is more important than settling of the situation of several million young Europeans seeking for jobs.

Through his blindfolded leadership, his disregard for the interests of European citizens and his immeasurable insensibility to the problems of Eastern Europeans the Chair of the European Commission already endangers the future of the European Union and even of Europe.

Leading the decision-making and executive body of the European Union requires a competent, determined politician who has substantial concepts and whose conduct does not render the office and community embodied by him seem weightless.

According to Article 17(8) on the Functioning of the European Union the Commission is responsible as a body to the European Parliament (and only to it!). According to the contents of Article 234 on the Functioning of the European Union the European Parliament may adopt a censure initiative against the Commission. If the censure initiative is adopted, the members of the Commission shall resign as a body and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the Union shall also resign from his membership in the Commission. That is, the Union law ex post prescribes collective responsibility, while in the case of appointing a President the President of the Commission is recommended by the European Council to the European Parliament in accordance with Article 17 (7) (and the personal composition of the Commission is formed in agreement with the already elected President).

Considering the above we request the European Parliament to investigate the responsibility of Jean-Claude Juncker and the Commission led by him for the amputation that happened to the community of the European Union through Brexit and by accepting the motion of censure remove the Juncker Committee and bring an end to the Juncker era that brought degrading failures to Europe.

We believe that the Petition Committee of the European Parliament as a responsible body of the highest legislative institute that stands for the direct democracy in the European Union gives favourable consideration to our petition.

We have contacted the citizens and started collecting signatures for the mass support of our petition.

Budapest, 7th July 2016


Yours faithfully:

Dr. László Csizmadia
Chair of the Board of Trustees
on behalf of
Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation



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