Official Statement

Fateful No Votes!

We welcome the overwhelming victory wrought by true democrats.

The crushing defeat of the “left-wing” pseudo-democratic government haters is a strong warning for both Hungary and Brussels.

Passivity cannot be the answer given to issues of national fortune. The active citizens who participated in the referendum made this fact clear to everyone.

The 92 % of Nos provides strong proof that Hungary does not want any terror democracy. It also rejects the behaviour shown by Brussels, which betrays Christian civilization.

Everybody is aware of how strongly facts speak for themselves. The facts show that even if 70 % of eligible voters would have participated in the referendum, the more than 3,200,000 NO votes would still have won. That’s what the math shows!

We support the decision of the Prime Minister, who first asked the people for their opinion and then, with the support of the vast majority, sets the political and legal work that will lead to the public good on its way.

The arithmetic is clear as day and can also be used to study the referendum: the parties of the pseudo-democrats have continued to weaken. Not even a coalition can help them now; in fact, it would just spoil their chances. They have made it obvious that they will not do what it takes for Hungary but will stop at nothing to gain power. They are even willing to throw their country to the dogs.

It is also sad to note that the leader of the Jobbik party strays from the path of representing the nation. He first put himself and his party on a diet by implementing a drastic change in ideology. Now he has joined the litany of the left-wing opposition. He insinuated that it was alright if his followers didn’t vote, once again proving that he will never be curious as to the opinion of the people. The only thing he cares about is his ego. The result of the tangible decrease in the number of supporters is that the coat he wears no longer fits him. He will soon have to show his true colours. Red, white, or green. Or all the colours of the nation, together. In a democracy, the will of the people, especially regarding issues regarding the fate of the nation, cannot be avoided, regardless of who is in power.

According to the CÖF-CÖKA, the referendum is first and foremost, followed by including it in the Constitution, if necessary.

The Leadership of the CÖF-CÖKA



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