Letter to Mr. Schulz

Our country has successfully achieved great results over the last two decades, in which we, the members of the civil society, played an indisputable role. Following 40 years of state-socialist dictatorship, we had to build a democratic state governed by the rule of law, practically without any external help. Even today, this process – the regime change – is an integral part of daily life in terms of both social policy and public law. However, in our view, a number of common achievements are threatened now, as a result of the decision to endorse the Tavares Report, which was made last Wednesday in Strasbourg.
We are convinced that the European Parliament has entered a highly dangerous path. It is violating fundamental principles such as national sovereignty and self-determination, at the same time questioning the decision making competence and legitimacy of the Hungarian Parliament. On the back of that, the EP’s support to the intention to set up a Copenhagen Commission implies an even bleaker future, as it would create an opportunity to impose retroactive sanctions, which are unacceptable in our opinion.
Please, restore the reputation of the European Parliament in the eye of the Hungarian people by putting an end to the use of double standard, which was apparent in the EP decision about the Tavares report. First and foremost, we request you not to support the setting up of a Copenhagen Commission, which is in fact a means of control and the object of an unscrupulous Green politician’s personal ambitions. At the same time, we urge the EP’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs to launch a review of the fundamental laws and public law structures of all Member States, which may also shed light on the anomalies and one-sided findings of the Tavares Report. We are of the view that only a comprehensive and fundamental review that involves all Member States can create a clear and transparent situation.
Please also note that should the EP fail to make an attempt to restore objectivity or should our concerns about a Copenhagen Committee prove to be justified, we will use all available means to take action toward putting an end to this infringement situation, including the possibility of turning to the European Court of Justice in order to make the European Parliament stop running amok.
On behalf of the Civil Union Forum (CÖF), the Civil Cooperation Conference (CET) and the Intellectual National Defence Movement:

László Csizmadia                         Tamás Fricz
CÖF founder, spokesman             CÖF founder, spokesman

Budapest, 12 July 2013
This letter has been signed by 3000 members of the Intellectual National Defence Movement being part of Civil Union Forum (CÖF).
As for verification of interest, the list of names and email addresses can be inspected in documentation at Foundation of Civil Union (CÖKA).


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