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“Individual freedom can only be complete in cooperation with others…”

(Excerpt from the preamble of Hungary’s Fundamental Law)

Founded on Palm Sunday, 2009, the Civil Unity Forum (CÖF) is one of the most significant civil movements in Hungary, and has the largest number of civil organisations among its members in the country. It represents the civil society that solidified after the change of regime following the fall of Communism had brought a new social order to Hungary.

Thanks to our noble goals and peaceful gestures based on love, our actions are slowly becoming known around the globe.

Numbering hundreds of thousands, the participants of our peace marches support the policy of the Hungarian parliament and government elected in 2010. They gather not only to protest the European Union’s double standards against Hungary, the ignoble attacks of the foreign media, and the rude, vulgar and violent actions taken by the Hungarian opposition in violation of human dignity, but also to advocate the importance of human dignity and the power of civil unity and cohesion in shaping society.

We support the unorthodox economic policy of our government and our prime minister, we welcome our secession from the IMF, and we too wish for a stronger participation of banks and multinational companies in sharing tax burdens. We fight for the consolidation of the government’s overheads cuts, and for helping those fellow citizens who were brought into debt and ruined by foreign currency loans. However, our support is not unconditional: we are also expressing criticism and regularly communicating the needs of the majority of society to the government. We have signed a strategic agreement with the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice in order to ensure civil participation in the legislative process. We drew up a social contract containing our key expectations of the new government and handed it over to the MPs who began their terms in 2010. We have on several occasions voiced our complaints to high-ranking officials and representatives of the European Union about the tendency for negative discrimination against our country. We prepared a Code of Civil Ethics for those emerging civil organisations that are still trying to find their way, laying down the fundamental values that we believe can serve as guiding principles for us all during our coexistence as a community, and can be used to communicate civil values to politicians in a clear and reliable way. These include maintaining a reasonable distance from political parties while admitting party sympathies, as well as professionalism, credibility, morality, the primacy of community interests, conscientiousness, and humility to the causes to which we pledge ourselves.

We also tend good civil relations abroad, especially with organisations of Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin, but we also have excellent relations with our Polish friends. We fully support the demands of our Székely brothers and sisters for ethnically-based territorial autonomy, and by extension also support the efforts of all nationalities separated from their home countries to obtain autonomy. Our goal is to achieve that the European Union considers it important to assume legislative responsibility for resolving the issue of the territorial autonomy of indigenous nationalities.

The CÖF cooperates with the Civil Unity Public Benefit Foundation, an organisation with legal personality.


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