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Civil Union is a Hungarian public benefit foundation, an NGO, registered in 2009. Our mission is the communal representation, and the protection of the interests of the electorate. We do so by helping to maintain public discourse about key issues of public interest and by contributing through our own means to maintaining a dialogue between the electorate and the political leadership, as highlighted by our motto: „Nihil de nobis, sine nobis”, that is, „Nothing about us without us”.

Our current top priority is the handling of the migration issue, which is crucial for Hungary, as well as the entirety of the European Union. We disagree with the forced settlement of migrants and we call for the reforms of the institutions of the European Union.

Today the EU as a whole, along with all its member states individually face major challenges. Economic and social troubles are aggravated by a moral crisis that stems from a loss of identity. It is in this vulnerable state that the migration crisis has stricken Europe. The leadership of the European Commission and of some member states have completely mismanaged this crisis. Their response is irreconcilable with the will and the interest of the electorate. Through their decisions, they have undermined peace, security, and the opportunity to preserve the cultural heritage of Europe. In our view, this highlights an increasing democratic deficit in the European Union.

On the one hand a fundamental shortcoming of the EU is that unelected officials make irredeemable decisions on crucial matters, without the participation of the citizens of the Union, without seeking and respecting their opinion. On the other hand some of the political leaders of the Union choose to ignore the will  of the electorate.

Civil Union has taken several steps to draw the attention to the democratic deficit, and to the prevailing exclusion of the electorate that underlies the mismanagement of the current dangerous situation. We have sent open letters to the heads of states and heads of governments of EU members. This July, we submitted a petition calling for the dismissal of Jean-Claude Juncker and of the European Commission he leads.

The next foreseeable milestone for the Civil Union will be the referendum in Hungary scheduled for October 2nd, 2016, where the Hungarian electorate will be the first in the EU to have the opportunity to decide on whether they accept or reject the forced settlement of migrants in the country.

Earlier this year the Civil Union conducted a nationwide roadshow to gain a thorough understanding of the questions and opinions of the electorate. Now we urge the electorate to take part in the referendum, and we participate in the information campaign to enable the electorate to make an informed decision.

We will keep you informed about our efforts and experiences on this website.

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