The neoliberal elite in Brussels has strayed from the path designated by the citizens of the European Union. What they’re doing is the opposite of Mother Theresa, the symbolic representative of Christian solidarity and love. She ignored all political interests to mediate divine mercy and bring help to all corners of the world.

However, Chancellor Angela Merkel, the embodiment of displaying solidarity in the interest of maintaining power, has not chosen the true Christian way. The steps she is taking lead backwards: the mission she considers to be personal has not reached the people in Africa and the Middle East who are in need, she has not dressed the war wounds of the injured, and she has not given water to quench the thirst of people with parched throats. The Mother Theresa-like role she played has been quickly unmasked. Mother Theresa travelled the world collecting donations in her ceaseless endeavour to bring aid to the needy. As a messenger of divine mercy, she was driven by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to perform the work that the Creator had given her.

Contrary to this approach, Willkommens-Kultur is a misguided conceptual “revelation” that opened the door to the Islamic armies travelling against the flow on Christianity’s one way street leading to God. The result is the persecution of Christians and chaos in society.

It has become clear that the structure of Western society as based on spiritual community, which dates back thousands of years, does not tolerate the introduction of foreign entities. The prophecy that an Islam heart can be transplanted into a Christian body is a false one.

While there are limits to validating political and business interests, love spread in the name of solidarity can be boundless. Citizens of Europe can now experience first-hand the difference between offering “aid” (as per Merkel) and the mission of Christian mercy and love.

All of Europe is suffering from a bad decision made by one woman, who for a long time had been exemplary in how to lead Germany. Ms Merkel has ended up caught in the net of financial giants who capitalize on human vanity and use Europe’s long standing success story in the interest of their aspirations for a global empire. The Chancellor has been persuaded to use the strength of the German economy to act as the unelected leader of the European Union. At first, the tactical approach developed by the magnates seemed be a clever gambit. The two leaders of the European Union, Schulz and Juncker, chosen as a result of contraselection, act as courageous wingmen who have Ms Merkel to thank for their utopic existence in Brussels. It is no wonder they servilely do everything their “creator” asks of them.

The fate of the Union cannot depend on the will of one woman or the global power-favouring bags of money lined up behind her. (More and more of us are starting to think so.)

The people of Europe have awoken. The community of people opposed to ultra-liberalism and terror democracy is growing ever stronger. Not only is the halo of the Chancellor fading away: hundreds of thousands of citizens are demanding that the outdated governance of the EU also be reformed. People are raising their voices against their fate being unilaterally decided by politicians longing for autocratic power. The financial lobby has deeply ingrained itself into the web of politics in an attempt to privatize Europe’s economy. Meanwhile, it is using the “temporary” stationing of the army it maintains to also acquire Europe’s land.

The antidote to this unfolding conspiracy could be for the citizens of Central and Eastern Europe to provide a peaceful but militant response. The democratically elected prime ministers of the V4 countries know that their countries were crushed by colonial oppression for more than 40 years following World War 2. These countries were simply thrown to the Soviet Union: the West purchased their own peace at our expense. The freedom we regained in 1989 is a treasure. The primary goal is to maintain the sovereignty of our nations. Moreover, neither the sovereignty nor the identity of Europe are for sale. By relying on their cultures, the allied nations of the European Union are able to find the solution to all of their common problems. There is no need for false “guardian angels.”

Brexit is a serious loss for the EU. It was caused by the leadership of the EU: they haughtily tout the departure of the British as some sort of victory. Thanks to them our defence has further weakened. The conquering hordes of economic migrants interspersed with terrorists are threatening our existence. Because of the imminent financial downfall and bankruptcy of Greece and Italy, which have been decreed to protect the Schengen borders, Europe has become exposed to the immigration policy of the bureaucrats in Brussels. The strongest member of the NATO, the USA acknowledges Turkey’s blackmail with eyes downcast.

The question is, what are we waiting for?

Europe’s countries have to have separate militaries that are each strong on their own. This increases the protection of their respective nations and, if the continent is in danger, they can form a deterrent force together with NATO.

In the European Union, the Hungarian government was the first to initiate a referendum on rejecting the quota of foreign migrants. The decision pertains to the future of our nation. There is no room here for siding with political parties, only for Hungarians sticking together.

Why, you ask?

Because the immigrants who attack our wives and daughters in the street and in the shadows will not ask whether we voted yes or no before they commit their brutal acts.

All of Europe will be watching us on 2 October. In 1956, the young people of Hungary paid for a few days of freedom with their lives. We now have to maintain our sovereignty without any weapons. We must do so peacefully and while demonstrating European solidarity. We must do so by voting no. The successful referendum is another message to the peoples of Europe.

The saying can finally be true: one for all and all for one! The Europe of the future needs a healthy approach and cannot stand for the Christian heart and soul to be transplanted with an Islamic one.

László Csizmadia
CÖF-CÖKA Chairman


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