Elindítottam egy nemzetközi petíciót a kvóta-ötlet ellen.
Ezzel azok támogatását szeretném elérni, akik nincs lehetőségük a Fidesz űrlapjait aláírni.
Kérem terjesszék, főleg a külföldieknek.

I would like to ask for your help two ways:

1) Click on the link and sign it so that you can put pressure on Juncker and Merkel.
2) Send the petition information to your friends, family, and contact list. They also may think it is an important issue.

The only way of putting pressure properly and achieving our goal is getting as many signatures as possible. Mobilization is essential and I think you are an active and conscious person that understand will understand this initiative.

Just click on the link below and then forward the information of this petition by email to your

Thank you for your generosity!