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On 23rd October

Today, we will advance to Kossuth Square under a banner that reads “The two good friends – Protect Europe together!”
We will quietly demonstrate that the common fate of Poles and Hungarians has created a familial relationship between our peoples.

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Open Letter to Mr. Pittella

I have read your statement about the suspension of the Hungarian daily Népszabadság with great apprehension. In order to make myself clear, I would like to describe briefly the history of the newspaper you chose to defend.

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The Rejuvenated Hungarian Countryside

Ever since its foundation, the Civil Unity Forum (Civil Összefogás Fórum) and Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation (Civil Összefogás Közhasznú Alapítvány), briefly CÖF-CÖKA has taken an active role in solving the social and economic problems faced by Hungary.

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Hungary is Performing Better

Economic experts are surely still influenced by the negative headlines that were once used to describe the economic policies of the Orbán administration.

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Welcome to the English language home page of Civil Union.

Civil Union is a Hungarian public benefit foundation, an NGO, registered in 2009. Our mission is the communal representation, and the protection of the interests of the electorate. We do so by helping to maintain public discourse about key issues of public interest and by contributing through our own means to maintaining a dialogue between the electorate and the political leadership, as highlighted by our motto: „Nihil de nobis, sine nobis”, that is, „Nothing about us without us”.

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Food for Thought

Borders without borders

If someone asks, where the border is, everybody starts contemplating and answering in the manner characteristic of him, dependently upon the type of the question that can be about moral, politics or economy. Answers are restricted in terms of time and space. For instance we may say that we are happy beyond any border but will we be happy tomorrow and after tomorrow?

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