Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation is a leading Hungarian NGO, funded exclusively from Hungarian sources. Civil Union has over 1000 partner organizations in Hungary and throughout the Carpathian Basin, and a strong partnership with 450 Polish civic organizations. It also has some 15,000 registered individual supporters in Hungary.


Civil Union has a twofold mission.

  • It strives to help ensure that the interests of the majority of the electorate are respected by the body politic of Hungary and of the EU. It does so by helping to generate public discourse about key issues, and by working towards maintaining an ongoing dialogue between the political leadership and the electorate.
  • It also acts to safeguard the rights and interest of minority groups.


Civil Union stands up for the common good in non-disruptive ways, and seeks to develop the theoretical background and the general practice of civic culture.


Its donors include individual Hungarian citizens, small domestic enterprises and it also competes for funding by the Foundation for a Civic Hungary.